Park Rules

Park Rules

We ask that while at our parks you obey some simple rules in order to keep these parks safe and operational.  Please be sure to  read all rules below to ensure a fun and safe time at our facility.


General Rules

– Wristband must be worn at all times.
– No spectators are allowed on the track at anytime.
– Be respectful at all times to employees and other riders.
– Place all bulk trash in dumpsters.

Track Rules

– Keep wheels on the ground at all times when a yellow flag is out or caution light is on.
– Never cut the track.
– In the event of a red, black, or checkered flag pull off the track at the nearest exit.
– Only enter the track at marked track entrances.
– Only exit the track at marked track exits.
– Do not stop on the track for any reason.
– Only 1 mechanic is allowed in the mechanics area per rider and must stay behind barriers and off the track.

Pit Bike Rules

– Helmet must be worn at all times.
– Must not exceed speed of 5mph. 1ST GEAR ONLY
– Only one person can be on a pit bike.
– No pit bike riding after dark or sunset.

Pit Vehicle Rules

These rules pertain to all golf cart or side by side vehicles.

– Must have drivers license to operate.
– Must not exceed speed of 5mph
– No more people are allowed on the vehicle then what is specified by the manufacturer.